new advertisements: fashion

Fashion magazines are full of advertisements exemplifying extravagant lifestyles, clothing, and accessories that are ridiculous and difficult or downright nearly impossible to obtain.  Like any advertisement, the point is to get the consumer to buy, buy, buy.  Fashion magazines will put at the forefront a beautiful model whose behavior and very image, we as consumers, are also expected to emulate.  In particular, women’s fashion ads seem to promote a singular body standard that women should strive for that is completely unrealistic.  The female models are not representative of the general population of women and for that reason, I am fed up with fashion magazines.  New Advertisements: Fashion is a satirical retort against what is wrong.  I want the female fashion model to be more relatable by having her eat or interact with food in a way fashion magazines do not.  My images are in a sense, “new advertisements.”


Who determines what skin is innocent and what is obscene? Why does it matter?